We have a new song out today called "Swells"! You can listen to it here:

After the release of “Between Worlds” in late April, “Swells” is another song, which will appear on the forthcoming album “Osmosis” (Out September 6th).

The song also comes with a video, shot by Dutch videomaker Martijn Bastiaans:

Martijn Bastiaans elaborates:

During my stay at the Faroe Islands I saw a horse.
There aren’t many other animals living on the Faroe Islands aside from sheep and birds.

I saw the horse on the island Sandoy, to be precise. That’s where we lived in a small house near the sea.
Everyday I was looking outside with my binoculars a lot. Looking at the sea, the mountains and the ever-changing weather.

Every time my eyes got stuck on that black horse standing on the mountain across our house.
Just standing there; eating, having a slow walk. Day and night, in rain, snow and sun. 
Each day that passed I couldn’t stop watching the horse, I wanted to know more about it.

After asking around in the village, I found the owner.
When I met him, and asked about the horse. He immediately said:
“You can have it, you can kill it and eat it.”

The horse was a burden to him, he said that he got her for his daughter, but she lost interest.
The horse just stands there now, alone, surrounded by mountains and the sea.
Sometimes it breaks loose and they have to capture it.
Quite soon he will dig a hole and shoot her.

Thijs Kuijken