Field Studies

New song 'Field Studies' is out now.

I spent a day at Amsterdam’s botanical gardens on July 10th to write and record a song called “FIELD STUDIES”. My friend Joost Stokhof a.k.a. The Things We Are was living at the Hortus Botanicus for a week as an Artist in Residence, making drawings for what would become a book called “I See Plants Shaking Hands”. He also invited a few musicians to each join him for a day, to write and record an original song for a 7” vinyl compilation to accompany the book. I accepted the challenge. I visited Joost on his first day there. Both of us were completely void of any expectations or set methods of how to approach this. Maybe that's what made the day so relaxed. We managed to reach a point in the evening, where we were both busy working on processing our impressions of the day – Joost drawing away behind his desk and me in recording-mode at the other desk. Surrounded by the sound of frogs bleeping and the sporadic rumble of a tram in the distance, I tried to put together scraps of observations, conversations with Joost and discoveries we’d made together wandering through the gardens and green houses that day into a song. 

Listen to it here:

For more info on the book + 7" vinyl "I See Plants Shaking Hands" by THE THINGS WE ARE – which contains the physical version of 'Field Studies', please visit THIS website. 

Thijs Kuijken